February 25, 2022 5:35 am Published by

Are you becoming the person you want to become? 

The narrative around becoming the best version of yourself is ample these days. How do you get about it? It’s not a series of tactics changing behavior temporarily that empowers this. 

You won’t read, listen, or watch the secrets to becoming whatever that is for you. 

Sure, you have to do some introspection and realignment based on your habitual, repeated behaviors.  

The reality is, you need to become clear on who you are becoming (an active statement, not ever finished) – so much so that you are unwavering in your commitment to yourself and the “who” you are. 

What would a _______ person do? How would I do that? Who would I need to become in order to have the life I’ve designed? 

Once you’re crystal clear, begin.