February 10, 2021 8:00 am Published by

Meaningful dialog changes outcomes. 

It can alter the message and the messenger. Often, we miss the openings and are too busy with our own agenda to hear the other person’s pain, challenge, or the exact message being conveyed because we are triggered (emotionally hijacked) by some part of what’s being said. 

My daughters were having a tough conversation between themselves and I was present. The message one was delivering was completely being missed by the other because the subject matter was sensitive to them both. Communication was happening, but it was as if they were speaking two different languages. 

As I witnessed what was becoming a painful experience for both – one angry and defensive, the other hurt and frustrated, I stepped in and translated what I thought was the intended communication. 

Both were relieved.  

They shifted to a more collaborative conversation working together through the challenge.  

Being neutral in the situation offered a safe place to listen and redirect the conversation. When you’re witnessing heated conversations and able to, intervening with a bridge changes the outcome.  

What practices do you have to become a bridge when conflict occurs?