September 20, 2021 5:12 am Published by

She said “I never thought I’d make new friends, let alone a best friend, later in life.” And then it happened. 

We didn’t seek each other as friends, we met and learned about each other through WPO. She was an amazing listener, wise beyond her years and always offered forwarding comments, learning and connection. She made everyone feel seen and heard. 

And I mean everyone. 

It was a gift few people have. She was intentional about greeting everyone with a hug, a welcoming smile and connecting with every person in the room, even if for a brief moment. 

She traversed her dance with cancer with grace right up to the end last year.  

Her beauty, wisdom and thoughtfulness, the way she collected experiences, not things and her love of family, friends and the pursuit of an equitable world are indelible marks left on my heart and the hearts of so many others.  

Mahtab, I miss our daily calls, your witty and wise comments and most of all our friendship. Today, I am present to the cardinals outside my window who remind me you are with me always.  

I love you beautiful friend.