December 15, 2020 8:00 am Published by

In a recent meeting, someone shared this Rumi quote “wherever you are, be the soul of that place.” 

It struck me hard to consider how much we all contribute (or don’t) to the soul of the “places” we show up to. 

I began reflecting on 2020 weeks ago and as I have been, one of the realizations I’ve had is how often I am in the future, and not fully present. It’s caused me to evaluate myself with scrutiny in the past days and change my behaviors. I’m disengaging from work more, I’m creating space for the joy of the holiday season, I’m enjoying my interactions, finding peace and getting more done.  

It’s been subtle, yet that quote moved me to evaluate myself and my attention as I engage with others. I have more opportunity to contribute to the soul of the places I show up. How about you?