July 31, 2023 5:06 am Published by

When you are working on a team, it can bring the best and the worst of each other to the table. When mired in how things look, we get rigid, stuck and default to process instead of thinking. 

When things are working, it’s easy to hide the lack of thinking because the results mask automaticity and allow us to defer to how we’ve always done things or how things “should” be done. 

When things are not working, this is where it gets tricky. You can’t mask things when the results aren’t there. You also can’t rely on the way we’ve always done it. Being right has to take a back seat to responding to what’s needed to get back on track. 

Inflexibility, relying on comfort or process will lose every time to humility, reaching beyond your comfort zone and exercising creativity to find a way when we’re stuck.  

As James Clear says “we want solutions, but what we really need are attitudes. You don’t need abs, but rather an attitude of training. You don’t need the answer, but rather an attitude of curiosity. You don’t need an easier life, but rather an attitude of perseverance.  Attitude precedes outcome.”