January 25, 2023 5:32 am Published by

When you’re on opposite pages with another person, sit at the table and open the door to conversation. 

The simplest curiosities open the door. 

We are in the initial phases of a remodel. We’re on different pages in terms of scope. 

We sat at the table and were curious in our conversation. 

It was interesting, open, and honest. 

We left confident we can work it out and all be happy. 

Conflict can diffuse through curiosity. 

Asking questions and being unattached, open to learning and possibilities lets things emerge that couldn’t and wouldn’t have been if we didn’t let go. 

Being open to all the outcomes – including the release of your preferred outcome – leaves you fluid to what can work with no attachment. 

As the Buddhists say, “all attachment leads to suffering.” 

Let go, it will work out.