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Have you ever had self-defeating talk? Me too. One of the most effective ways to reframe your thinking and get back into action is to ask yourself a question to prompt different thinking.  

Here are some examples, please share your own in the comments and let us know if you try these: 

I don’t understand.  What am I missing? What else do I need to know? Who could I learn from? 

I give up:  What simple action could I take now? Who could help me? Why is this important? 

I screwed up:  What am I learning? What’s another way to approach this? What worked, what didn’t, what’s next? 

This is too hard:  This will take some time and effort. What’s the first step? Why does this matter? Who could help me? 

It’s good enough: Is this my best work? Would I be proud to have this shared with people I admire? What could be better? 

I’m not good at…..: Who’s mastered this? What’s something I love doing and could use to do this? What’s another approach? 

I can’t ……:  What if you could? What will I miss out on if I stop? How can I learn? Who can teach me? Is there another way? 

I can’t make this any better: What else can be improved? If this is final am I satisfied? Is this really all that is available? Why stop here? 

I’ll never be as ….. as him/her: What else could I try? What do I do better than anyone else? What can I learn from him/her? 

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