August 11, 2021 5:13 am Published by

As a leader, you get to do it… 

Especially when: 

  • Others won’t make the call  
  • You don’t want to wake up early 
  • Providing value before expecting a return 
  • Showing care for others when they don’t show care for you 
  • The risk is high, and worth it yet the guarantee isn’t there 
  • It’s uncomfortable, inconvenient or difficult 
  • No one is following yet 
  • You need the investment in yourself before you’re ready 
  • You’d rather not, because it’s easier to avoid 
  • We need results, not excuses 
  • It seems crazy, but you know in your gut it’s “right” 
  • You might look bad, or make mistakes 
  • You might fail again 
  • Others are unkind to you; you are kind in return 
  • You’re tired, and lonely and want to quit 
  • We need to move faster and are out of breath 
  • Deadlines and promises need to be met 
  • Accountability is required and things are going wrong 
  • Focus on the end game despite what the critics say 

Pressure is the price of sitting at the leadership table. Are you up for it?