May 6, 2020 7:00 am Published by

Patrick Lencioni held his Unconference right before the world as we knew it changed. 

At his company, they accelerated a digital strategy originally planned to launch by year end, making it happen within a few weeks. EOS® Worldwide did the same thing. Likely, you and your teams are doing, or have done something similar.  

Throughout the pandemic journey, we are riding a roller coaster of emotions, decisions and changes to our company’s culture, processes and systems. There are two things to focus on in order to be resilient and great on the other side of this; you need to be smarter and healthier.  

Becoming smarter as a team, doing what you do more efficiently, makes you better. This is where most teams stay focused, and they stop short of where the best teams thrive.  

If you want to thrive for the long term, you and your team need to become healthier. Healthy teams are resilient. They become stronger with the challenges as they double down on building trust, working through conflict in a healthy way and holding each other accountable with behavior and results. They align, becoming more cohesive, and they over-communicate to ensure everyone is on the same page. Their meetings are meaningful, they thrive as one. 

If you think this is soft stuffit’s not. It is the only thing that lasts when the world is uncertain. Being able to count on those around you is paramount. Are you intentional and invested?   

You and your team are smart enough to figure it out, are you healthy enough to weather the storm?