June 9, 2023 5:41 am Published by

Me too. 

If you’ve ever received criticism for being perceived as too assertive, “bossy” or “aggressive,” you are my people. Though it may reflect more about the person offering the feedback than your behavior, if you’ve not crossed a line, consider reframing their feedback as a remarkable opportunity to learn and progress as a leader. 

  1. We know double standards exist which influence some people’s expectations of leaders unlike them. By challenging these perceptions, we have an opportunity to redefine leadership traits and celebrate assertiveness as a valuable quality in all leaders. 

  1. When you bring a sense of confidence and decisiveness to the table, it leads to better decision-making, driving outcomes for your team and company. Including people who are direct allows for improved strategic planning and execution. 

  1. When you bring a unique perspective and approach to leadership, you’re expanding diverse leadership styles. Embracing assertiveness fosters innovation and creativity. 

  1. By challenging the stereotype that assertive leaders are “bossy,” we dismantle ingrained biases and create a more inclusive workplace. 

  1. When you navigate the criticism of being labeled as aggressive, you become a role model for other aspiring leaders.  

Rather than viewing the criticism as a setback, it’s helpful to recognize it as an opportunity for positive change. Embracing assertiveness in all leaders not only challenges outdated stereotypes but also leads to enhanced decision-making, diverse leadership styles, and an inspiring environment for future leaders.