November 12, 2020 8:00 am Published by

Appreciation. Many of us forget to express it often enough. 

For some, it’s a first-class love language, for others it’s the difference in mood for the day. 

How often do you think of how much you appreciate a gesture, an effort, a kind thought or act and you don’t say something in the moment, you keep it to yourself feeling good, while moving to the next thing?  

How often do you say “thank you” in passing, without pausing, looking someone in the eye, while slowing down enough to specifically appreciating them and their actions? 

What’s it been like for you when someone has taken the time to do so?  

It’s a difference maker and a forgotten skillset it our 2020 world right now.  

Try it. 

You might change the trajectory of someone’s day…and it could be your own.