December 23, 2020 5:10 pm Published by

Thank you. To those who read this blog consistently and share it, those who take the time to give a comment or thumbs up, and those who call, text, email and let me know it mattered. 

Writing is a funny thing. For me, I feel vulnerable when writing in a way other actions do not afford. For me, offering my thoughts committed to keyboard or paper in a book or online is more permanent, offering more opportunity for scrutiny, permanence, and judgment. Critical, non-supportive judgment. 

And just as I question once again whether it’s worth it, someone shows up with a call, text, email or comment and encourages me, thanks me or lets me know they’re with me and it’s worthwhile to them. When that happens, it keeps me going and reminds me I have a bad roommate in my head who isn’t the right person to motivate my highest aspirations.  

Though doubt doesn’t go away permanently, it can quiet itself readily when you listen for another message when you most need it. And sometimes, you don’t know how much you need it until someone reaches you out of the blue to offer that grace.  

Perhaps one of the best gifts we can offer each other is a call, text, zoom or email of appreciation for everyone who’s supported you through 2020? I’m off to begin this game, I’ve got a lot of people to reach. You?