December 22, 2022 5:25 am Published by

Keeping your word is a superpower. 

As I work with clients and observe those who are most successful in terms of people (culture), purpose (finding meaning in their work), and profit (being compensated appropriately), is that they have a superior commitment to doing what they say. 

This sounds so simple. 

It is, and it’s rare. 

Many people and their teams have found ways to talk their way out of doing what they’ve promised. It has an impact.  

Deadlines matter. Other people’s priorities depend on us doing what we’ve said. 

Whether you rationalize our kinder world post pandemic or use excuses, justifications, explanations, or reasons, there is an impact felt by others every time you don’t do what you said you would. 

Accountability to your word is the backbone of confidence in yourself and others. 

If you want to amplify your success, do what you promised.  

On the rare occasion you don’t, people will be surprised.