May 7, 2019 10:00 am Published by

Add More Value #57 

In Blog #56, I talked about inspiration and motivation. One of the points I made was that you should recognize people exceeding expectations. At a recent talk about core values, I made the point that core values set the bar for how people participate with you and your team at work.  

It is what gets you the job and is your measure for behavioral accountability. Falling below that bar is worthy of correction or dismissal if prolonged. Exceeding them is worthy of recognition and in certain companies under certain conditions worthy of reward as well. Meeting them is the price of admission, table stakes, what gets you a paycheck. Exceeding them repeatedly over time is what earns you a bonus. Bonuses are just that – a reward for exceeding expectations. They are not something to expect year after year simply because it happened in prior years and you’re “owed” anything.  

If you want to build a culture that becomes infectious, be sure to reinforce your core values at every opportunity when they are below expectations and when expectations are exceeded, select your heroes with great care (in other words, choose wisely and only one MVP), and remember, if you don’t feel like you’re making enough money, add more value.