October 21, 2020 7:00 am Published by

Have you traveled? 

I have, in a limited amount, and like everything this year, it’s different. 

After a recent trip, I returned home to the workload waiting when you travel which is often substantial. Travel always sounded glamourous and exciting until I started doing it with frequency for work. The reality of traveling in a COVID-19 world equates to many changes, including masks and the lesser number of passengers. It also includes being even more prepared with whatever you might need because half or more of the shops at the airport are closed. Hotels can’t offer food unless pre-packaged and restaurants are doing their best to stay in business every day – especially as we head into winter.  

Until I flew again, I didn’t realize how much I counted on out of convenience. Another level of awareness and what I had formerly taken for granted.  

Though travel is not as easy in some ways, in others, there are no lines, you’ve got space around you on the plane and as long as you have patience, it moves along quickly to onboard and deplane. What I’m most present to is the opportunity to slow down, observe and reconcile what has changed.  

As EOS says, grow or die. This means personally and professionally.  

There’s a ninja skill we all need to continue to nurture beyond 2020. Some call it AQ or Adaptability Quotient. In our hybrid world, it’s a necessity. Without it, you, your team or your company will go by the way of the dinosaur.