November 21, 2019 10:00 am Published by

A Lesson To Remember #199

Stuff happens. Every day, things are either on or off track and work or don’t. As a leader, how you deal with all the peaks and valleys of running a business and leading people keeps you on your toes. Most days, running a business is easy. Leading people is challenging.

I’m a passionate person. With some level of frequency, I’ve been called intense, direct, tough, fierce, demanding and intimidating. That’s not my favorite list, though I absolutely resemble those remarks.

I’ve also been called diplomatic, kind, generous, caring, thoughtful, fun, passionate and non-judgmental with some level of frequency. I prefer this list, and I absolutely resemble those remarks as well.

All the above characterizations are true, though they aren’t true at the same time. I have a relentless pursuit of excellence which drives me to push through the tough stuff – gracefully. Is that always the case? Certainly not. However, it’s more common than not.

When things aren’t working, I channel all my intensity into correcting the issues. Helping people and solving problems brings me great joy every day and inspires me to do the work I do. The only way to resolve the issues and be the best version of myself is when I’m intense regarding the problem, not the people. That’s a lesson to remember.