August 25, 2020 7:00 am Published by

What if your current work situation held through the end of 2021? 

That’s how I’m thinking these days.  

When I consider what would offer more possibilities for optimal options for our clients as well as opportunities to work from home, many possibilities exist to maximize success for our clients, team and each other. 

  • We are investigating redesigning our offices, removing walls and creating space. This would make our currently limited office more useful and allow for distancing and client use of our office with larger teams again.  

  • My home offices are now in the process of great upgrades for both creative work, writing, podcasting, workshops, mini-courses, and video production. They were functional before, it’s time to evolve them for optimization. 
  • We’ve invested in enough gym equipment to stay healthy and active through the winter in Minnesota. We are grateful for the space and virtual capacity to be well and endure the season’s change indoors and outdoors. 

Stepping back to evaluate what we need to optimize our wellness, productivity and businesses caused us to consider some investments and change. We need to shatter the illusion of going back to the way it “was” and consider what we need to maximize success into the future.  

While doing so, a hybrid approach will offer the most opportunity.  

  • What worked about how it was, and how can you generate that in other ways now? 

  • What’s working now and how can you maximize it? 
  • What if the future lies somewhere in the middle? What do you need to adjust and accelerate? 
  • Three years from now, looking back, what would you need to do to make 2021 one of the best years of your life personally and professionally?