December 27, 2021 5:29 am Published by

How do you change the outcome when you feel overwhelmed, hopeless, or stuck? 

You need to ask a new question. 

What a mind-blowing concept. I was introduced to a powerful question from Dan Sullivan. He said when you consider doing something new, ask “how can I achieve this doing nothing?” 


I’m a doer. A question like this has never occurred to me other than this moment. 

Yet when I slow down and observe myself and others, questions like this are intriguing as they move me closer to letting go of doing and move me closer to creating a space for others while living my purpose. 

This is a question I’m trying on and it’s moving me to new directions, new solutions and new thoughts.  

This may be one of the best un-doings I’ve been challenged with.  

Watch out 2022.