June 16, 2022 5:02 am Published by

Do you struggle with Clarity Breaks™? Do you make time to write, journal or blog? If not, this is for you. 

Let me be specific, do you find it challenging to make time to consistently think for an hour or two every week? 

I used to, until I realized how much better it makes me. What helped? 

  • Scheduling time and not deleting it (occasionally it may need to be moved, but never deleted) 

  • Setting up the space to make it work (with my reMarkable2, or if bigger concepts to whiteboard, outside at the end of the dock or on our deck, with a bottle of water, and my trusty questions) 
  • I’m better in the morning, though have found time on a plane to be hyper focused 
  • Beginning with something inspirational or thoughtful provides better context (this can be read, watched or listened to – sometimes I revisit one of my podcasts, a 2 minute tidbit or blog
  • Reminding myself this time protects my confidence and makes me a better leader and human – even if my lesser mind tells me it isn’t productive 
  • Ponder these Clarity Break™ questions when I need inspiration.  
  • Review other notes if helpful (they might even be from other Clarity Breaks™) 

  • Review my Delegate and Elevate™ at least once each quarter 
  • Consider my team, my business, my work and my world…what’s working? What’s concerning? What’s possible? What am I missing? 
  • Start with a blank page, and begin 

And if all of that doesn’t work, I use the many questions I share with clients from our question a day Maximizing Success Journal, the Little book of Questions or from Keith Cunningham’s book The Road Less Stupid. 

There you have it. I hope this gives you a running start. 

Begin. There’s no right way. 

Only your way.