June 4, 2021 5:49 am Published by

For those of you playing along, I write a summary every 50 posts to acknowledge my lessons while writing a blog every day in my journey to 1,000. I’m learning throughout the process and right now, I’m not loving it. This all began when I accepted Seth Godin’s challenge from this blog post.  

Perhaps it’s the pace I run at, perhaps it’s the advent of great weather and sunshine in Minnesota, perhaps it’s the fact that spaces are opening up again and we are beginning to see the release of mask wearing everywhere, but it’s a slog to write at this time. 

I don’t want to. It’s that simple. 

In fact, some days, the work I love seems less inviting – can I say that? I guess I just did. 

Though I love the work I do, right now, it’s as if I’d rather do anything else. Really, it’s as if I’d rather do nothing – except enjoy the people and fun available to me right now.  

And yet, once I start working, I love it the same. It’s the before and after that seem to be a slog right now. I’d just rather take a break and have some fun. Good thing I’m taking a week off in June, I will revel in that time away. Until then, commitment triumphs convenience. 

Given this better than halfway, but 40% remaining journey, here are my observations at 60% (600/1,000) to goal: 

  1. It’s a slog right now, and I’m fully present to what it takes to stay true to my commitment, not my discomfort. 

  1. I’m grateful I’m 10% past the halfway point. I am experiencing the challenge of the messy middle right now. It feels that way all over, not just with the blog. 

  1. I’m a better writer than I was, even when I don’t feel like it. I am grateful for refining a skill that is useful in every avenue of life. 

  1. Doing things because I say so is confirmation, I live my word and my word matters. I am proud that when I say I’ll do something, I know it’s as good as done. I believe my opportunities and results have increased significantly as a result.  

  1. The pandemic has increased my appreciation of time, relationships and what my priorities are. I am grateful for this amazing reset. 

  1. We’ve leveling up in all we do and how we work. It’s worth it, even when its challenging. 

  1. The Universe has a perfect accounting system. I’m responsible for doing what I say, when I say it and it always pays off – not always as I expect or on my timetable.  

  1. I’m grateful even when it’s challenging. Knowing I’ll get there is enough. When I do the work today, tomorrow takes care of itself.