October 13, 2020 7:00 am Published by

Plan tight and hang loose.  

I was in a workshop recently learning a ton. One of the key take-aways I received as we were inundated with ideas, new ways to improve our facilitation, new ways to use Zoom, great music and stellar interaction was the discipline of planning and preparation. After seven hours online three days in a row, I was sad to see each day end, it wasn’t draining. Why? 

It’s not a new concept I know, but the amount of planning, preparation and thought that went into that incredible virtual event determined the experience. It’s no longer enough to show up and meet online without having thought through the purpose, experience and outcomes of the event. Digital meetings are here to stay. 

What can you change? 

  1. What does your background look like? We’ve been zooming for 6 months, it’s time to spiff up your surroundings or get a green screen. 

  1. Are you dressed for your meetings as if it matters? Yes, you can still have comfy bottoms, but work events are professional – you need to do more than roll out of bed into a meeting. 

  1. Did you prepare? This is even more important for digital meetings. When you don’t prepare, it shows. The meetings are different online, so we need to bring additional energy and commitment to engage and focus.  

When you prepare for everything, you and flex with anything. Too much is never enough. And when the challenges happen, you’re ready and can adjust immediately.