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One-quarter of the way there! Wow.  

For those of you who have been with me since the beginning, thank you. I don’t know who is playing along unless you comment, but thankfully when I connect with people in person, they tell me they are! If I waited for the likes and shares to validate this practice, I’d have quit a looooong time ago.  

The truth is, this is my way to learn and stay on track with keeping my word to myself. It’s hard to believe I’m close to having blogged for a year now, which is strangely motivating. 

What I’m observing at this milestone: 

  1. It’s easier to find things to write about. I’m a better observer than I used to be. 
  2. The muscle is built, I think about blogging and it’s not optional. Habit has formed. 
  3. I’m excited about having discipline in an area I haven’t before. 
  4. It’s a path to anchor any new habit and it works. 
  5. The more structure I offer myself, the more freedom and creativity I have. 
  6. Once I let go of how it had to look, it got easier. That’s a life lesson! 
  7. It can be worthwhile to revisit what I’ve written; I enjoy reading my musings.  
  8. I feel successful and 1,000 seems attainable, even though I’m at the 25% mark. 
  9. I’m grateful I decided to do this and make it public; the accountability is there for me. 
  10. I’m excited to see what I notice in my daily routine to inspire my writing, a lot of learning there with seeing the same things anew. 

It’s worth it! Please comment if you’re reading at any point. It keeps me going when the days aren’t as favorable. Thanks! 

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