March 18, 2019 10:00 am Published by

#21 – Is It Time For a Change? 

“If you choose the entrepreneurial life, then don’t become an employee in your own business…” – Dan Sullivan

I recently had the honor of seeing Dan Sullivan at an EOS event I was attending. When he said the quote above I thought, that’s where every one of our clients begins their work with us. Every. Single. One.

Yet if you asked them, they’d tell you they became an entrepreneur to have freedom, make their own rules, make a difference in the world and solve some problems. They may do some or all of that, but they aren’t often free. When they created their business, they had the right idea. The problem is they become a servant to the business instead of the business serving them.

If your employees go home at 5pm every day while you work nights and weekends, you’d be better off being an employee in your own business.

Is it time for a change?