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#15 You Trained Them

We complain all the time about how others behave. Our family, friends, employees, co-workers, those serving us, even other drivers.

The list is endless really, it can extend to celebrities, politicians and other influencers. Those people we are often unable to directly influence, but we complain nonetheless.

It’s interesting when you think of those people we can directly impact really. They behave as they do around you because over time, you have consistently responded or reacted as you do as well. You’re bound or locked into some patterns or they wouldn’t keep doing the things you complain about.

Once you realize this, instead of complaining, you will realize you trained them to behave exactly as they are doing, or they wouldn’t keep doing it that way.

So, if you want a different response, quit complaining and change your behavior and watch what happens. If it’s closer to a more productive response, keep it up. If not, change again until you get your desired response or choose out of the relationship.

When you take responsibility for the way people have permission to behave around you, you will realize more success and peace in your relationships. It’s not nearly as easy as complaining though.

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