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#14 When Did We Forget?

In several discussions in the past year, many people have disclosed their life seems to be happening to them, rather than their life occurring more by design.

For most of these leaders, it’s a product of over-committing and adding all kinds of priorities without re-calibrating their lives. How often should we re-calibrate? As often as you add new priorities; things like joining a Board, going back to school, taking care of aging parents, moving into a new home, starting a new business or line of business, redefining your health and those practices associated with your new goals, and anything else that changes your time allocation for YOU in your life.

You see, many of us take time from our personal time (for leisure, with friends, or self-care) making the “new” priority fit by removing some of those opportunities that actually refresh and renew our perspectives.

If you look up and are feeling “imbalanced” it may be time for a re-calibration. There are many strategies for this, most of which move beyond time management. This is how most people try to solve their imbalance – new strategies for efficiency and restructuring.

This will work short term. It won’t last long term, however. It can’t.

Re-calibration requires time and thought – a deeper dive. It requires new thinking and saying “no” to what doesn’t fit in addition to many other things. Short and sweet, you can have it all. You just can’t have it all at the same time.

We created a workshop for this re-calibration work, because you didn’t create this situation in a day – you won’t solve it with a time management tool. It takes practices and consistent incremental improvement, designing the life you want to live inside and outside of your business or career.

If you’re ready for change, it begins with remembering that YOU are the CEO of your life and you can live by design or default. It’s your choice.

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