December 24, 2019 10:00 am Published by

100% Or Nothing #222

How do you know when your team has said all they need to say in a meeting? There’s no meeting after the meeting. None. At all.

When covering team health with leadership teams, we work at building trust, embracing and encouraging conflict, and ensuring all the members weigh in and say what they need to in order to fully commit. Then, we work hard to challenge each other regarding accountability to produce the desired results.

The two most challenging areas for most teams are encouraging healthy conflict, and peer accountability. When one is off, the other follows. And the reality is, there won’t be any peer accountability if each member of the team doesn’t commit fully after healthy conflict.

Anything you withhold, every doubt, withheld conversation, and backchannel commentary detracts from our collective success.

Any time you have a “meeting after the meeting,” know you’re not 100% committed and it’s unlikely you’ll produce the results you intend. The solution? Stay with a challenging conversation until you can get to a “hell yess!” Otherwise, know you are in the way of what’s possible.