March 31, 2022 5:05 am Published by

When I want to be efficient and focused with limited time, I hack myself – here’s how: 

  1. Write down what MUST be done 

  1. Write down how much time you have 

  1. Decide it can all be done (or rescope if you tend to put 20 pounds in a 10-pound bag) 

  1. Assign an amount of time to each block of things 

  1. Set a timer for that activity 

  1. Put your phone away, turn your email off  

  1. Do that task 

  1. Take a short break / move / reward 

  1. Begin the next task 

  1. Repeat 

It’s single handedly the best structure for me to accomplish my “too many things” in a day. What I’ve repeatedly found is it can all be done if I’m focused.  

I know I’ll use the time I’ve allowed, regardless of whether it’s too much or too little. 

Learning to design how you operate within the allotted time and to use only what you need for tasks creates the ultimate freedom. 

More free time.  

For you.