September 28, 2021 5:32 am Published by

Focus. We sometimes talk about it like a talent we can call upon at will or an elixir we can consume. Sometimes it feels like you’re right on track, incredibly focused. There’s a flow and ease with all you’re doing. 

Then, there are the other times. The times when you feel scattered, overwhelmed, anxious or distracted.  

It feels more productive to be focused, and if you, like me, have an orientation toward being a doer, being unfocused can be a mojo killer. 

What questions help you move through this and return to focus? Here are some of my favorites: 

  1. What are the 1-2 most important things I need to accomplish today? 

  1. What could I do to instill a sense of peace right now? 

  1. Who could help me? 

  1. What one simple/small thing can I do to make forward progress right now? 

  1. How can I simplify what I’m doing? 

  1. What things could be better done by someone else? 

  1. What could be automated, let go or removed in my growing list? 

  1. What am I succeeding at? What’s contributing to the success and where else can I do the same thing? 

  1. Who do I appreciate right now? (Then immediately tell them – a note, card, call or text)  

  1. What would energize me right now? Can I do it for 10 minutes?