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Episode 119:

Founder and Principal at Germanos Leadership, LLC, Micheline is a leadership, executive, and team coach who provides business leaders and their teams. She brings a uniquely valuable perspective as she combines 25+ years of versatile, international business and leadership experience with deep coaching skills, EQ, intuition, and empathy.

Her clients include senior leaders at Google, Microsoft, Ericsson, Alaska Airlines, Swedish Hospital, and Providence Health and Services, in addition to startup CEOs and VPs in mid-size companies. Micheline is passionate about people and possibilities. As a coach, she believes that each of her clients is unique and thus, she provides a customized and personalized approach that enables leaders to self-realize and formulate their solutions.

A French national born in Lebanon, with an engineering degree in Computer Sciences, Micheline speaks four languages. Micheline spent ten years as a Director at Microsoft, during which she led an early version of their Cloud business in the EMEA region and scaled it into a substantial revenue stream. She left Microsoft in 2013 to build her international executive coaching practice.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Micheline went from an engineer to a coach
  • How you can choose to make a big impact in the workplace
  • The importance of giving yourself permission
  • Why people have had to recreate boundaries during the pandemic
  • The three steps necessary to make a life change
  • What to do to start to listen to your inner voice
  • What are the three components to develop your executive presence


Listening to Your Inner Voice

Micheline Germanos is a Leadership Coach and Founder and Principal at Germanos Leadership. She combines more than two decades of business and leadership experience with deep coaching skills to help business leaders and their teams. After a sudden health crisis, she was able to listen to her inner voice and pursue her dream career. In this episode of the Intentional Greatness® podcast, Micheline shares the necessary components and actions needed to propel you to your dream life.

Giving Yourself Permission

While working as an executive in the tech industry, Micheline found herself doing the delicate dance of motherhood and career. During our conversation, she recalls a time when her then six-year-old son asked why she didn’t pick him up for school like the other mothers. Micheline explains how this moment forced her to make small changes in her life like occasionally leaving the office at 4 pm or working from home one day a week. She shares how she gave herself permission and encouraged her team to do the same in their lives.

Defining Moments

Although Micheline spent over twenty years in her corporate career, she long had a desire to become a coach. But, she decided that she would wait until her sons went to college to make the transition. Micheline shares her story of becoming diagnosed with colon cancer, and how it became the defining moment in her life that made her realize life was short. In this episode, she discusses the steps necessary to make a major life change.

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