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Episode 80:

Maureen Bausch has been involved with some of the biggest events and company names in Minnesota. From Cub Foods, to Mall of America, the Super Bowl, and Mayo Clinic, Maureen is an expert in destination marketing and partnerships.

Maureen is a partner with Bold North Associates (BNA), a consulting firm specializing in business development, marketing, and destination development.

Prior to joining BNA, Maureen was the Interim CMO of Mayo Clinic where she led marketing, provided oversight for a large team, managed professional sports partnerships, market-specific corporate outreach, and site growth.

She began her career in advertising for her family’s business, Cub Foods. During her 13-year tenure, the company grew from four stores to 85 in 14 states.

In 1990, two years before opening, Maureen joined Mall of America and rose to Executive Vice President where she was responsible for a 100 million dollar budget, all aspects of the P&L, managed a team of 1500, worked with 800+ retailers, restaurants, and attractions. After 25 years and much success, Maureen left Mall of America in 2015 to become the CEO of MN Super Bowl LII. During this 4-year assignment, she launched two companies, a 501C3 and a 501C6 and raised $60M in private funding. She created the Bold North brand, hired a staff of 32, secured 10,000 volunteers, and engaged 400 committee members from the public and private sector. She had oversight responsibility for 200+ events and 5,800 visiting media. The Minnesota Super Bowl LII has been deemed by the NFL as the most successful in history with an economic impact of $450M for Minnesota.

Maureen graduated from the University of Minnesota with an MA in Journalism/Marketing and has taken further continuing board education courses at Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management. She has always been active in the community. She has been a board member for several non-profit organizations including St. Catherine University, Minnesota Retailers Assoc. US Department of Commerce Travel and Tourism. Today she is a board member of the MN Orchestra, Taste of the NFL as well as others.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The framework of Maureen’s upcoming book, “Big Brands, Little Budgets”
  • How we can use creativity to solve seemingly impossible business problems
  • What we can do to stay ahead in the rapidly changing marketing landscape
  • Why it is so important to have a solid plan and team in place at the start of each year.
  • How Maureen oversaw the successful production of Superbowl LII
  • How to be resourceful no matter what sized budget you’re working with
  • What Maureen did to overcome burnout and fatigue throughout her career
  • Why personal development is the key to hit the ground running in 2021
  • How to develop and nurture relationships that will lead you to greater levels of success


A Little Creativity Goes a Long Way

You may be familiar with Maureen Bausch already, and if not, bringing Superbowl LII to Minnesota is just one of her long list of accomplishments in destination marketing. Maureen is currently a partner with Bold North Associates (BNA), where she specializes in business development, marketing, and destination development. In this episode of the Intentional Greatness podcast, Maureen joins us to share her journey, talk about her upcoming book, “Big Brands, Little Budgets,” and help us prepare for a successful 2021.

Working with What You’re Given

Since many of you are entrepreneurs, you understand the pain and frustration of having a grandiose vision that is limited by menial client budgets. Maureen authored “Big Brands, Little Budgets” for that exact reason. From the Superbowl to the launch of Mall of America, it seemed that any time Maureen would show up to a new project, the budget would get cut. Working with financial restrictions forced her to look at her clients’ challenges and goals with an entirely new perspective, and she learned how to get extremely creative with strategy and project management. With a little creativity, you can build a big brand, and the framework of this book applies to many different industries and niches.

It Starts With a Plan

It doesn’t matter how much money you have. If you don’t have a vision and you don’t have a plan, it is very difficult to accomplish your objectives. Regardless of the budget, you should put everything down on paper first and look three to five years ahead. With the perfect plan in place, you can focus on building strategic partnerships and a stellar team that will help you execute it. Circumstances beyond your control will demand thinking on your feet and using creativity to persevere—as 2020 has shown us, there is no telling how great the impact may be. But with a concrete plan and team to lean into, you will still be able to deliver no matter what.

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