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Episode 111:

Julie Keyes is a Certified Exit Planning Adviser (CEPA), national speaker, author, and instructor on exit planning. She helps business owners change their outcome and exit on their own terms and not someone else’s. In this episode of the Intentional Greatness® podcast, Julie shares why some entrepreneurs struggle with developing an exit strategy. She also explains the importance of building business value and how it relates to a smooth transition.

Julie Keyes is the principal and founder of KeyeStrategies, LLC, a professional services firm based in Minneapolis specializing in Exit and Transition Planning consulting and advisory for business owners. She has founded and operated several companies over the course of her adult career and understands what keeps owners up at night, having lived so many of their experiences herself over the years.

Julie’s book “Poised for Exit” helps privately held company owners navigate the process of business exit, emphasizing the need for a collaborative team. She also hosts a weekly Podcast show of the same name. Julie is the President Emeritus of the Exit Planning Institute Twin Cities Metro Area Chapter, faculty member for EPI’s CEPA Program and their 2017 “Leader of Year.”

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why it’s important to plan for exit
  • The reason that many entrepreneurs are resistant to develop an exit plan
  • What are the most common mistakes business owners make during their exit
  • How long does Julie typically work with her clients on planning an exit strategy
  • The key of exit planning
  • The importance of listening to your gut
  • Why women business owners should work on making more connections


Listening to Others

Following divorce Julie was in search of a new career path, after hearing in three separate instances that she should pursue business consulting she decided to ask a few peers for their honest opinion. All agreed that this was exactly what she should do with her life. During our conversation, Julie explains why it’s important to plan for an exit in your business and why many entrepreneurs resist developing an exit strategy.

Pivot and Push Forward

Running a business focused on exit planning during a crisis can be challenging, but in 2020 Julie was more concerned with her clients and their companies. Learning to pivot and make the most of a situation is crucial in any business. Although Julie lost a couple of clients during the pandemic, she was able to push forward other business initiatives and figure out a new way to make things work. In this episode, Julie shares how fear and a lack of confidence impact many women entrepreneurs and why it’s important to push past those feelings.

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