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Episode 22:

With over 10 years working with top professionals in strength and conditioning and corporate wellness training, Max brings a diverse skill set to each situation in order to create custom health, wellness and performance programs for his clients.

In 2013 he founded The Power House together with his wife, Jill. Since then, they have built a team of over 25 coaches. Together they are setting the industry standard for performance and prevention.

What You Will Learn:

  • What has inspired Max to focus his energy on health, wellness, prevention, and performance and how he became an EOS entrepreneur
  • The differences between health, wellness, and fitness and what to do to maintain all three
  • Why corporate wellness initiatives are so pertinent in this day and age and what Max has done to help companies in this area
  • The challenges and rewards Max has seen running a business alongside his wife, Jill
  • The unique difficulties of operating in the fitness industry and the contributions Max and Jill have made to professionals in the field
  • Max’s practices for integrating work and life without letting one overwhelm the other
  • How the growth of their business has impacted Max, Jill, and their employees
  • Where Max gets his motivation and energy and how he stays grounded and focused
  • Max’s advice for pursuing intentional greatness and unf♥<kwithability


EOS Entrepreneur | Health, Wellness, and Growing Business, with Max Lipset

From Young Athlete to Fitness Professional

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: exercise is not optional. To be a disciplined, healthy, and unf♥<kwithable leader, you need to be active by any means necessary. You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to be fit; you just have to be intentional about your daily wellness and exercise routine. This can be as simple as going for a walk or, like my husband and I do, attending a Crossfit class. Warning: this WILL kick your butt.

EOS Entrepreneur | Preventative Fitness and Entrepreneurship, with Max Lipset

Speaking of Crossfit, I had the pleasure of having Max Lipset, my Crossfit coach and daily reminder of why we should all stay in shape, on the Intentional Greatness podcast. Max is a fitness professional who has been around sports and wellness all his life. He grew up with two healthy and health-conscious parents, and he and his brother were highly active in all different sports. Max eventually settled on his favorite sport, soccer, and got pretty darn good at it.

Max got to play soccer in college and afterward, putting off medical school and putting himself in a position to potentially go pro. Instead, he went off the beaten path and did neither of those. He entered the realm of helping people stay upstream of the hospital and began working in the fitness industry. Max eventually became an EOS entrepreneur alongside his wife and current business partner, Jill.

Blending Life and Business

Half of us might dream of going into business with our spouse, while the other half might run the other direction at the thought! Max and Jill embraced the opportunity and now understand the unique challenges and rewards it provides. When running a business, it can quickly become an extension of yourself; when running it with your life partner, it’s like having another kid! Max credits the success of their business, The Power House, to his role as an EOS entrepreneur, a mantle that his wife has also taken on. It’s allowed them to streamline the copious details of running a business and really get into the nitty-gritty while having each other for support.

This kind of setup poses a unique puzzle for anybody looking to integrate work and life. It can be easy to allow one to overwhelm the other, which Max and Jill have prepared for. Max sees business as a constant faucet of responsibility, and he has used his eight years running a company to figure out when it’s time to turn the faucet off for a while. When business creeps into personal life, Max and Jill take time to spend with their family, whether it’s going on walks, taking a vacation, playing around the house, or anything it takes to just be together. 

Max does this well, but that doesn’t mean the business gets neglected. He finds time to do 10-20 minutes of work as often as possible, breaking down his responsibilities into meaningful chunks rather than feeling like he has to tackle everything at once. Ironically, he even does this with his exercise. Max might find himself exercising too much and realizes he’ll have to dial it back to get some work done. If only we all had that problem! Max recommends the opposite approach for most of us: exercise a bit more, work a bit less.

Preventative Fitness

The idea of exercising more and working less flies in the face of the hardworking, nose-to-the-grindstone roots many of us were raised in. But it’s true! As Max has discovered through his work in corporate wellness, if you don’t exercise more, you’ll be forced to work less. As health care costs rise, it’s becoming less and less of an option to do so. This is where Max comes in.

Max has worked with numerous companies to promote wellness and keep employees happy and healthy. For some clients, he’s started preventative health initiatives for neck and back complaints, driving down the amount of claims and saving the company $3 million. For others, he’s helped employees drop 130 pounds and get off all their medications, saving the company money and the employees trips to the hospital for serious health issues.

It’s not just companies that have benefited from Max and Jill’s big idea. Working in the fitness industry has allowed them to help a lot of people, and perhaps nobody knows this better than their coaches. Thanks to their success, Max and Jill have gained the ability to provide a lot of incredible opportunities to fitness coaches and professionals who may not have otherwise had it. As you can see, Max and Jill have made their roles as EOS entrepreneurs about helping others, whether personally, professionally, or by kicking their butts into shape. They’ve definitely done this for me and my husband. My only hope is that you can do this for yourself too. Remember: exercise is not optional!

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