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As we approach 2018, how are you feeling? Are you in excitement or stress? Has 2017 been everything you imagined? If not, I invite you to consider designing 2018 to turn out as you desire – at work and beyond. Many of us spend more time planning our vacations than we do planning our lives, and I encourage you to live life by design. It’s time to maximize success!

So many leaders feel the pull for that mythical work-life balance, especially this time of year with accelerated work, family and holiday events. What if you were striving for work-life integration instead? In the article below, “Forget Balance! 3 Ways Leaders Can Navigate Imbalanced Lives,” you can read about practices from my book to help you navigate things more effectively. If these don’t suit you, we have hundreds of resources (and growing!) on our Chasing Perfection website (see additional information below). Check them out and you’ll find resources for everything from meditation to productivity.

Ali also interviewed our EOS client Max Lipset, owner of The Power House gym. I’m grateful to be a client of his as well, and in the article, Max shares how he and his team help clients “win their lives.” This message resonates deeply with me, and below you can read as Max explains how EOS catalyzed The Power House to win as well.

This newsletter is our 2017 gift for you to design your life, then win it in 2018!

Happy Holidays and thank you for being in our community. We are grateful to know and work with you and appreciate the connections, referrals, and great fun we have in business with you!

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