June 27, 2018 10:19 am Published by

While the Super Bowl has passed and Minneapolis is back to “normal” (snow in April? C’mon!), our team is settling into our new offices and our commitment is to play our game like it’s the Super Bowl every day. After attending the game, experiencing the energy and seeing our city show off so wonderfully, it’s no surprise our theme for 2018 is “Elevate,” and we are focused on rising together, simplifying our world and lifting ourselves by concentrating on doing only things that are each of our highest and best use of time and talent. This means giving our all, living by our Core Values, supporting each other no matter what, and consistently performing at the highest level together. We are grateful to make our living by helping people become the leaders they’ve always wanted to be, while running the companies they’ve always wanted to have. Elevate and remove those self-imposed obstacles!

In this month’s newsletter, we share practices which contribute to being a Super Bowl player and team. Vulnerability is key as a leader, and you can learn more by reading “3 Ways Unmasking Vulnerability Makes Business Leaders Stronger.” Of course, being a Super Bowl team also requires impeccable collaboration. In our podcast, “Workplace Health Across Generations,” it highlights how we all want to matter and make a difference; everyone wants to win the game. The key is focusing on our shared goals and proceeding from there, whether it’s on the football field or in the office. 

As we begin a new season, (fingers crossed), I encourage you to elevate yourself and your practices while building your own version of a Super Bowl team. Imagine you and your team are consistently operating at your full leadership potential together: what becomes possible?

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