October 6, 2020 7:00 am Published by

We’ve been watching “The Last Dance” on Netflix. If you’re a Michael Jordan fan, it’s a great watch. 

I was struck with an impactful quote at the end of the seventh hour (there are a total of ten hours filmed, broken into one-hour segments for those who may not have seen this yet). Jordan says “Winning has a price. And leadership has a price.” It’s a powerful prelude to an emotional end of the segment where he ends the filming linking his commitment to winning with his team to his identity. 

Anyone committed to being excellent at anything pays prices – more than any of us know unless we are closely acquainted to that special someone. If you only see the success at the end, you may believe in things like being “an overnight success,” or “self-made” which are complete fallacies. They don’t exist. 

Those who reach the highest levels of excellence are willing to work harder, push themselves and others, sacrifice being liked for being respected, do the hard things when others don’t and be disciplined when it would be easier to conform. 

Excellence, winning and leadership are a result of championing what’s possible…ESPECIALLY when it’s uncomfortable, inconvenient, unpopular or difficult.  

We don’t need leaders when it’s easy.