February 27, 2017 11:55 am Published by

My friend Amy Ronneberg, CFO of Be the Match/National Marrow Donor Program, is a true inspiration. In addition to her roles as CFO, Board member, mom and marathoner, Amy also has added cancer survivor to her list. In this month’s “Inspiring Women” column Amy shares how cancer transformed the way she leads. 

“Amy has been driven to be the best her entire life, so much so she jokes she is still upset about the one B she received in high school. “Back then I wanted to be in everything,” says Amy. “I wanted to make sure I got a 4.0, was the best runner on the track team, all of those things.” She was motivated by an internal force, and “looking back, I think it was out of fear,” reflects Amy. “It was nothing in particular, I was scared of failing and I think that drove me for a long time.” This continued into her professional career and Amy admits, “When you are driven by fear instead of joy, your happiness gets compromised.”

And then everything changed. In May 2013 Amy was diagnosed with cancer and her “whole psyche changed.” She was given a 60% survival rate at five years. “There is the absolutely terrifying fear that you aren’t going to be here to live another day and your daughters will grow up without a mom. Suddenly, any type of fear that was driving you before goes away. None of it matters anymore,” Amy says. She began to ask herself in earnest, “How can I be happy? How do I live the life I want to live?” and became motivated by that.”

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