October 15, 2016 10:13 am Published by

Our World is Crazy, Your Business Doesn’t Need to Be

In Minnesota, we’re blessed with the beauty of Autumn, crisp air at night, fall colors and a winning football team in a new stadium. Contrast that with the noise of our current election and the challenges it presents as we encourage everyone to get out and vote. We’re entering fourth quarter and the official push toward year end which can be a busy quarter filled with politics, holidays, MEA and family. When you combine it all, it can be challenging to stay focused on our goals. Every team begins to wane toward the end of the quarter, especially fourth quarter. In our highlight article, the Antenna team admits that they feel “a combination of excitement, anticipation and a little bit of panic,” before their quarterly offsite with me (yikes!), but they say they always leave the day refocused and with a fresh shot of discipline (thank goodness!). In the “Your Butt’s Not Big Enough” article I’ll share how to make progress within your company toward defining the one role that is your highest and best use. Devoting 100% of your effort to one seat will forward you as well as catalyze your business. When you combine this with the discipline and focus of your meeting pulse, it will lead you to a strong finish in 2016. Stay focused, be productive, and get out and vote!

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