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Whether you’ve attended a RESULTS GUARANTEED workshop, taken the online course, or simply taken our Communication Assessment, the RESULTS GUARANTEED workbooks will give you all the tools you need to communicate with ease. Purchase all four Communication Style workbooks and receive resources for every Style.

NOTE: This is a One-Time Download 

Learn simple, practical, effective solutions to recurring communication problems. Our workbooks will help you:

  • Solve issues quickly, once and for all
  • Quickly recognize another person’s Style in every day situations
  • Identify what motivates and inspires people
  • Use key phrases and words to improve results with anyone
  • Learn what to avoid to eliminate misunderstandings and conflict 

“It was definitely a ‘light bulb-going-on-above-my-head’ experience.”  -Angela Ryan, Comsys

“Sue Hawkes was outstanding! Being in the Analytical Quadrant myself, these training sessions are not my favorite thing to do, but I would go again in an instant now. Thanks again.”  –Mike Jacobson, IWCO Direct