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Episode 158: The New Elimination Diet

“Clarity is the elimination of mental clutter, agility is the elimination of physical clutter, and tranquility is the elimination of spiritual clutter,” says author James Clear. In this episode of the podcast Sue and Ali discuss the importance of putting your life on an elimination diet. This means decluttering your environment and mind, saying no, and creating space. Listen in and get inspired!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why you need an elimination diet for your life
  • The importance of removing mental, physical, and spiritual clutter
  • You must declutter your mind, not just your physical space
  • Why you must declutter your calendar to create mental space
  • How to restore order in chaos
  • What inner tranquility means
  • Why you must say “no” more often in order to create space
  • How to declutter to remain engaged online


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