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Episode 51:

As a bestselling author, keynote speaker, Certified EOS Implementer, Certified Business Coach, WPO Chapter Chair, and globally recognized, award-winning seminar leader, Sue brings over twenty-five years of experience to her clients. She is the CEO of YESS! and has designed and delivered dynamic, transformational programs for thousands of people. Sue has received numerous awards including the Dream Keeper award recognized by the Governor’s Council for her leadership program, the Regional U.S. Small Business Administration Women in Business Champion of the Year award, the Exemplary Woman of the Community award, WomenVenture’s Unsung Hero award, Women Who Lead from Minnesota Business Magazine, NAWBO Minnesota’s Achieve! Vision Award and named a 2018 Enterprising Woman of the Year. Sue has been featured in publications including Inc., Entrepreneur, Thrive Global and The New York Daily News.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How I am responding to the global pandemic at home and at work
  • How to be an effective leader in times of crisis
  • How to develop a digital workflow
  • Tips for structuring your day as you work remotely
  • The importance of maintaining professional practices and habits despite being at home
  • How to stay connected with your friends, family, and peers to avoid a sense of isolation


Clarity and Control in a Global Pandemic

Along with many of you, I was forced to adapt my business to the crazy changes happening around us. We are learning to navigate new challenges that test our ability to think, collaborate, and problem-solve. But we have to remember that we’ve never encountered something like this before. Our best option is to focus on things we can control because small victories will pull us through this. We have to become resilient leaders who are confident in our decisions, and we have to write a new playbook because the answers we seek don’t exist. I put together some of my thoughts in hopes that they will help you take control of every facet of your life during these difficult times.

  1. Manage your family and home first. With everyone back from school and work, household chaos is the only chaos you can control.
  2. Figure out where you best serve your team members and clients as everyone operates remotely.
  3. Reprioritize and rescope as you get new information. Being nimble, responsive, and flexible is a necessity.
  4. Structure your day-to-day around your ‘new normal.’ Maintain your daily regiment to avoid getting sloppy or unmotivated.
  5. Develop your digital workflow. Digital work can be taxing, so make sure you set up shop in an ideal work environment breaks and stop-times mapped out for each day.
  6. Form practices and habits that make your new work environment more sustainable.
  7. Seek inspiration, joy, and collaboration to maintain a positive digital work environment.
  8. Stay connected with your peers, friends, and family to diminish the sense of isolation.
  9. Go through your spreadsheets and make sure all of your autopay and nonessential services are paused until we gain a better understanding of how this situation will play out.

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