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Episode 61:

Laura Spaulding worked as an undercover narcotics detective, and her time on the force caused her to recognize an underserved need for crime scene cleaning and meth lab cleanup. So, she began Spaulding Decon in Tampa, Florida in 2005. Laura franchised the company in 2016, and they now have 24 locations across the country as the first nationally franchised decontamination service to offer crime scene, hoarding, and meth-lab cleanup services.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Laura blazed trails to become Kansas City’s only female undercover police officer
  • The compromising situations Laura was in while working undercover in narcotics and prostitution
  • How Laura learned to control her fear in life-threatening scenarios to stay in character
  • Why Laura made the decision to leave her career with the police force
  • What lead Laura to start a successful crime scene cleanup business
  • How the business evolved into a franchise with repeatable systems and processes
  • How Laura’s business evolved during the pandemic into the world of sanitization


Conquering Fear and Becoming Unstoppable

Today, Laura Spaulding is a thriving entrepreneur who owns a successful crime scene and meth lab cleanup business, Spaulding Decon. However, prior to owning her own business, Laura blazed trails as Kansas City’s only female undercover police officer, working to investigate drug and prostitution offenses in the most dangerous part of the city. During our conversation, this unstoppable lady shares how she learned to deal with the constant fear of her life being in danger at every waking moment, and she talks about how this incredible courage has helped her succeed as an entrepreneur and business owner.

The Worst Sides of Humanity

During Laura’s time as an undercover officer, she experienced some of the worst, most terrifying, and most unimaginable situations. Her life was constantly in danger, and she had to learn to think fast and protect herself. To preserve her undercover status, she elected not to wear a gun or a wire, so her nerve and wit were the only things keeping her alive in many situations. Talk about being forged in battle! She also had to learn to keep calm and stay in character even when her life was in direct danger. This remarkable, unstoppable courage teaches us all that we’re capable of anything we can imagine.

Bringing Courage to a New Arena

That same bravery led Laura to leave the police force and establish her own business cleaning up crime scenes and meth labs and other biohazards. The sad fact is that Laura quickly realized she could make far more money this way than she had by putting her life in jeopardy every day of her life as an undercover officer. Still, the new work was hard and potentially dangerous too. But Laura’s tenacity and fire pushed her to keep going, and during the 2008 economic crisis, business began truly booming even while other industries struggled. In 2016, she turned the business into a franchise, and today it has grown to 24 locations across the United States. Laura shows us exactly what is possible when we refuse to be anything but unstoppable.

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