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Episode 33:

Julie Causey is Chairman Emeritus of Western Bank and on the Board of Directors of $6B Fairview Health System and the Board of Trustees of Minnesota Public Radio. She served on the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and as the Audit/Finance Committee Chair of the $1B HealthEast Care System until its merger with Fairview. She is a lady boss, an accredited investor and is invested in and involved in multiple tech funds and companies with a focus on health technology. Julie is a Company and Advisory Board Member for ViaTechMD, a fast-moving medical device company in the women’s health field.

What You Will Learn:

  • The work Julie Causey is doing with ViaTechMD and the advancements they’re making with women’s health
  • How Julie’s passion for community banking influenced her decision to work with early-stage companies
  • How Julie’s diverse background enabled her to bring more to the table in leadership discussions
  • Why she finds joy in giving back to the leadership community by sharing her journey to becoming a lady boss
  • The value of healthy discourse and conflict in a professional setting
  • New trends in leadership and technology


Lady Boss | Share Your Leadership Journey

With Julie Causey’s experience at Western Bank, Fairview Health System, and Minnesota Public Radio, she could have served as a board member and/or investor for almost any Lady Boss | Share Your Leadership Journey, with Julie Causeycompany. She chose to pursue a position on the board with ViaTechMD because of her passion for fast-moving companies, community banking, and health and wellness. It is unconventional to have such a profound background in all of those fields, but Julie has found that they play well together and make her a stronger leader.

Bring Something to the Table

Julie mobilizes what she learned in other places so she can bring something new to every room she sets foot in. She is delighted by the opportunity to focus less on running companies, and give back by helping others run their companies. As leaders, we need to be students and teachers simultaneously. We can bring our leadership journeys to new people so we can help facilitate theirs.

Prepare for Change

The more breadth there is in a boardroom, the better the conversation is. Julie has seen a trend of increased inclusivity with a greater variety of voices participating in healthy discourse. Leadership has become more of a team sport, and technology a front office function. Change is only a problem if you’re not prepared for it, but there are a number of ways you can stay on point. Julie recommends proactively managing your health and happiness because it affects all facets of your life from your decision making abilities to your physical energy. If you are healthy and happy you can step into any situation and be an effective leader.


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