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Episode 58:

Jonathan B. Smith, entrepreneur, author, and Certified EOS Implementer. He is the co-founder and CEO of Optimize for Growth (O4G) where he helps entrepreneurs scale-up, beyond startup. A former Inc. 500 COO, he scaled his business from $500K to $15K million in five years. A former Division III varsity football player, Jonathan’s true passion is helping to build and coach high-performance leadership teams to break through the ceiling to achieve their vision.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Jonathan got his start in business, and what worked best for him
  • Why Jonathan decided to start helping other leadership teams realize their vision
  • How Jonathan employs resilience in good times and in times of crisis
  • How communication has changed since the virus outbreak
  • The seven components of Jonathan’s resilience framework
  • How to access Jonathan’s resources for companies that are struggling through the pandemic


Win With Resilience

Jonathan Smith is one of my good friends from the EOS side of the world. He is an entrepreneur, author, and EOS Implementer, as well as the co-founder and CEO of Optimize for Growth. O4G helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses beyond startup, and Jonathan coaches from his own experience as an entrepreneur. With a passion for helping high-performance leadership teams realize their vision, Jonathan truly embodies the unf<3ckwithable mindset. In this episode of the Intentional Greatness podcast, Jonathan shares his entrepreneurial journey. He explains why he got started in business. And he walks us through his process for helping other teams to break through the ceiling and achieve their goals.

Resilience in Crisis

Jonathan grew up in an entrepreneurial household and built several businesses all over the globe. Resilience has been a major theme in his life, and it is a characteristic that continues to propel him forward. Especially in times like these, resilience is critical to our survival. It means you can take a hit and bounce back no matter what. And when Jonathan’s clients are faced with millions in losses as the global pandemic continues to sink businesses left and right, resilience becomes a much higher priority than growth. Jonathan put together a framework, online course, and checklist to address this topic and help others weather the storm. If you can be resilient, you can conquer any situation.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Jonathan was built for these times. He survived his work with the royals in the middle east, and he knows he can survive this too. Jonathan is also an entrepreneur first, and an EOS Implementer second—that is why he was able to build an entire business around the universal need of one client. He has broken resilience into seven components: prioritization; mindset; leadership; finance; operations; sales and marketing; how to seize opportunity in the crisis. This framework has been extremely successful in helping entrepreneurs return to an equilibrium in many facets of their business. It is a yellow brick road that we can follow as the economy is set in motion again.

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