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Episode 39:

Female Leaders | The 7 Power Gaps Suppressing Your Potential

Female leaders are not men in skirts; they are experiencing, processing, and tackling workplace challenges in a completely different way. Kathy Caprino decided tFemale Leaders | Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Reach Your Highest Potential, with Kathy Caprinoo step back from her coaching journey and look at the most significant hurdles women are facing. When she began to examine what was holding women back, two words came to mind—bravery and power. Imposter syndrome manifests in different ways, creating power gaps that prevent us from having the critical confidence and self-image we need to thrive in the workplace.

The 7 Most Damaging Power Gaps

Power gaps keep you far away from where you want to be because they are directly tied to a lack of internal or external power and they affect your capacity to operate as an effective leader. Through her own experience and her work with thousands of female leaders, Kathy compiled a list of 7 major power gaps that will prevent you from achieving the level of success you desire:

  1. Not Recognizing Your Special Talents, Abilities and Accomplishments
  2. Communicating From Fear Not Strength
  3. Reluctance to Ask For What You Deserve
  4. Isolating From Influential Support
  5. Acquiescing Instead of Saying “STOP!”
  6. Losing Sight of Your Thrilling Dream
  7. Allowing Past Trauma To Define You

It is never easy going toe-to-toe with the unknown, so identify a power gap that is most damaging to you as a female leader and start to chip away at it. This is not meant to be an overnight transformation; it requires daily persistence. Power gaps shake us at our core so we have to dig deep to address them. It is a massive undertaking, but consistent progress breeds lasting results.

About Kathy Caprino

Kathy Caprino, M.A. is an internationally-recognized career and executive coach, writer, speaker, and leadership trainer dedicated to the advancement of women in business. A former corporate Vice President, she is also a Senior Forbes contributor, trained therapist, seasoned executive coach and the author of Breakdown, Breakthrough. Kathy’s core mission is to support a finding brave global movement wherein women are inspired to close their power gaps and step up boldly to their most thrilling visions and goals, and achieve them with greater success and impact.

Kathy is the President and Founder of Ellia Communications, a premier career coaching and executive consulting firm offering career and leadership development programs for women including the Amazing Career Project course, her Finding Brave podcast, and the Amazing Career Certification training for coaches and her Close Your Power Gaps programs. A leading voice on LinkedIn and Thrive Global, she is also a TEDx and keynote speaker and top media source on careers, leadership, and women’s issues. Her new book, Close Your Power Gaps, is due out in Summer 2020 from HarperCollins Leadership and Murdoch Books (in Australia).

For more information, visit KathyCaprino.com visit and FindingBrave.org and connect with Kathy on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

What You Will Learn:

  • How female leaders overcome imposter syndrome
  • Kathy’s 7 Power Gaps and what they mean to us
  • How to deal with someone in your life who displays narcissistic behavior
  • How to be assertive without being harsh or critical
  • Why you need to stop being apologetic
  • Kathy’s best practices for self-care


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