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Episode 29:

Max has over ten years of working with top professionals in strength and conditioning and corporate wellness training. He brings effectiveness and a diverse skill set to each situation to create custom health, wellness, and performance programs for his clients.

In 2013 he founded The Power House together with his wife, Jill. Since then, they have built a team of over 25 coaches. Together they are setting the industry standard for performance and prevention.

What You Will Learn:

  • A recap of Max Lipset’s journey from a professional athlete and pre-med student to performance coach
  • The current state of health in the U.S. population and what is contributing to its decline
  • Why leaders fail to make health a priority and how they can change that
  • How and when to start your fitness/dietary regimen
  • Why your health is your greatest asset and how it impacts your effectiveness as a leader
  • How to integrate a winning attitude into everything you’re doing
  • Incorporating healthfulness, consciousness, and mindfulness into your health regimen
  • The importance of sleep in reaching your health goals


Effectiveness | Fit to Lead, with Max Lipset

Fit to Lead

Our health often takes a back seat as we pursue greatness in our lives. But that is counterintuitive to the way that successful business leaders operate. You’ve spent your entire life developing personal assets to achieve success, and your health is the greatest asset of them all. Why would you neglect it? Max Lipset helps his clients align their perspectives with this idea and make fitness a top priority.Effectiveness | Your Health is Your Greatest Asset, with Max Lipset

With all of the noise surrounding us, it is easy to get lost in an illusion. You do everything for the greater good and rearrange your priorities with other people in mind. You put yourself last and that is what makes you a great leader. But when you stop paying attention to your health, a boiling point becomes inevitable. Don’t wait until you have to overcorrect or risk failing the people around you. Don’t give in to your self-limiting beliefs

Eventually, you will face health problems. You will be overwhelmed by the thought of changing your habits after veering so far off course. But always remember that your health is your greatest asset. It enables you to enjoy the fruits of your labor thoroughly. And it bolsters your effectiveness in every facet of your life, including your career.

Performance and Prevention

That is why Max Lipset’s program lies at the intersection of performance and prevention. In good health, you are always an unf♥<kwithable leader, and you need to protect that. Other areas of the world place a high value on movement, eating well, socialization, and sleep; all things that ultimately contribute to a better quality of life. But in our society, we place value on comfort and convenience. It is one of the main reasons our life expectancy has declined over the last three years while other countries are seeing an increase.

It’s Never Too Late

70% of the transactions in our economy contribute to disease and other ailments that we cannot cure with modern medicine. And whether intentional or not, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity are plaguing our nation with record-high numbers. It is a touchy subject for many, but you need to wake up and face reality if you plan on making a difference. By working with a physician and utilizing the resources that performance coaches like Max Lipset bring to the table, it is possible to reverse the effects of poor self-care and increase your effectiveness. Prescriptions and surgery alone have never accomplished that.

Max has seen it happen on more than one occasion, but you are the only one who can shift your frame of mind. Your health is the sum of your decisions, so start putting yourself first. You don’t have to wait until you’re in shape to go to the gym. And there is no shame in seeking out external accountability You need that to succeed because we fail ourselves every day. Working out with a coach or a buddy has proven to support stronger behavioral change over time, and achieving happiness through health is a long-term project. That is why you need to start today.

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