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Episode 8:

Laurie Wondra is a global IT executive, business leader, life coach, author, teacher, speaker, Shaman and spiritual medium. Laurie uses her unique gifts to help business leaders through executive consulting work to assist in strategy, organizational change, leadership development, and large-scale IT program deployments. Laurie’s coaching aids individuals, teams and organizations to reach their next level of performance and success. Laurie is a remarkable example of how women leaders can carve out their own niche and utilize their unique talents and abilities most effectively.

What You Will Learn:

  • Laurie explains how she recognized her unique abilities at a young age, and she shares how she utilizes those abilities in the corporate world to benefit her clients.
  • Laurie discusses listening to her intuition in her time in IT, and she talks about risk-taking and the need to be able to course-correct or adjust your strategies to accomodate situational changes.
  • Laurie shares how she deals with scepticism from clients who don’t believe in “woo woo”, and she talks about trusting your intuition in your role as a business leader.
  • Laurie discusses the natural elements and the tools she uses to help others, including rocks and crystals. She explains that everything contains its own energy and vibrates at its own frequency.
  • Laurie talks about the state of the world today, and she discusses how the world of the metaphysical can connect with the business world to help guide your decisions and offer business opportunities that you can take advantage of.
  • Laurie shares her advice for today’s young leaders, and she stresses the importance of mentorship and finding a good mentor early in your career. She shares details of the group retreats she runs.


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Intentional Greatness and the Metaphysical World

You’re here because you know that learning never ends. You’re the kind of entrepreneur, business owner or leader who realizes that the pursuit of a perfect life, while a worthy goal, is also an impossible one. You know there is no end to the race, and you’re ready to power through anyway. You know that the climb to the top is endless, and you’re going to make the climb anyway. In short, you’re ready to become an unf<kwithable leader.

Joining us for this episode of the Intentional Greatness Podcast is my dear friend, Laurie Wondra. Laurie is a global IT executive, life coach, author, teacher, speaker, Shaman and spiritual medium. Laurie is a remarkable woman leader who combines the unseen and often misunderstood world of metaphysics with the science-based and data-driven business world. Laurie brings her unique gifts as a Shaman to her leadership coaching to help elevate individual leaders, teams and whole organizations to find greater success.

In this episode, Laurie and I discuss her unique talents and how she is able to implement them into her coaching work. We talk about scepticism and the importance of self-confidence and risk-taking, and Laurie shares how the unseen metaphysical world can be a useful tool that business leaders can tap into to help make decisions and guide organizations to greatness.

The Unseen Energies

Laurie discovered her unique metaphysical abilities at a very young age, and she learned to listen to her feelings and intuitions during her time as an IT professional. Among Laurie’s many talents is her ability to see the energy vibrations that all things have, and she is able to identify when those vibrations are out of balance.

This is key to her work with business professionals. Laurie can recognize when things are out of alignment and is able to help individuals and organizations restore balance. She has a remarkable ability to heal these energies and helps business leaders and their teams become more efficient, productive and successful.

Handling Scepticism

Given the nature of her unique abilities, Laurie has had to learn to deal with scepticism. In the business world, there is a natural aversion to anything deemed “woo woo”, but Laurie has learned to integrate science and hard data to back up her intuition. Because Laurie brings both her metaphysical gifts and her sharp business intellect to the table, she has become adept at navigating criticism from sceptics.

This is not unlike the situation many women leaders face throughout their careers, where we have to work twice as hard to prove ourselves and have our voices be heard. Laurie has had a double-dose of this struggle, because of her metaphysical abilities and through her work in the male-dominated IT professional space. As Laurie explained during our conversation, self-confidence and trusting her intuition were key skills that helped her ensure that her leadership was trusted and respected. These are vital skills for anyone operating in the business world, but especially so for women leaders. Developing your self-confidence and trusting yourself (while allowing yourself room to course-correct as needed) are key steps on the path to Intentional Greatness.

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