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There Wasn’t a Job So She Built a Company

Client Highlight: Susan Denk of White Crane Construction

Susan Denk, owner of White Crane Construction, didn’t always plan on becoming an entrepreneur. After working in management for one of the largest construction firms in the U.S. for more than 20 years, Susan moved to Minnesota to be closer to family. “I became an entrepreneur really because I needed a job,” says Susan. “I loved the construction industry and knew a great deal about project management and while it’s changing, 15 years ago, it was a very difficult industry to penetrate as a woman at my level. I realized the best way to have the lifestyle I wanted to live while still engaged in the industry was to build a company.”

Although it was not on Susan’s radar to found White Crane Construction, a design + build professional remodeling firm, it’s clear that she made the right choice. White Crane Construction has won numerous awards over the years for both design and client satisfaction. The client experience that White Crane provides stems from both a meticulous process and the values of Susan and her team. As we can attest from both a personal and professional perspective, (thanks for the house remodel!) White Crane is a professional company that is a pleasure to work with.

The key to keeping White Crane Construction clients happy and projects on track is discipline around process. In addition to employing sophisticated project management and accounting software, White Crane Construction runs on the Entrepreneurial Operating System, or EOS. EOS has helped Susan keep a pulse on her business through tools like the EOS Scorecard.

By using the EOS Scorecard to track a handful of key measurables each week, Susan has instilled accountability in her team and empirically demonstrated how their individual contributions impact company goals. “It’s allowed each of us to better understand what it takes to be successful in our areas of expertise,” says Susan. She does admit, however, that finding the right measurables is not always easy at first. “We are still refining our scorecard but we are getting increasingly better. We can definitely see improvement.” Reviewing the EOS Scorecard each week allows companies to identify patterns or trends that need addressing. “We can track very precisely how we’re doing against our schedule on all of our projects,” says Susan. “As a result, we can clearly see the correlation between keeping a project on schedule, client satisfaction, employee gratification as well as profitability – all significant indicators of a well-run enterprise. As a result of this data, we’re adding a new role focused exclusively on achieving these metrics to ensure that we continue to earn the recognition we have enjoyed in customer service.”

The EOS Scorecard has helped White Crane Construction keep a pulse on all projects and proactively address patterns before they become issues. The biggest benefit of EOS, however, has been bringing clarity and accountability to each role within the company. Susan is now able to focus her talents on the strategic growth of the business while “instilling leadership in each employee and trust in clients.” Although she may not have planned to start a business, it’s clear that owning and managing White Crane Construction is something Susan Denk was always meant to do…and do well.

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