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Question Set 1:

  1. What is wrong, why is it an issue, problem or challenge?
  2. Why do you have this problem?
  3. How does this problem limit you?
  4. What could be the consequences of this problem remaining unsolved?
  5. Who is responsible for this problem?
  6. How do you think and feel about the situation…?
  7. What else could go wrong?

Question Set 2:

  1. What specifically do you want?
  2. How will you know when you have achieved this?
  3. Under what circumstances, when or with whom do you want to have this?
  4. When you achieve this, what else will improve? Will anything else be at risk? What impact will this have on others?
  5. Which of the resources you already have available can be applied to help achieve this?
  6. What’s the first action for you to take?
  7. What could go right?