February 2, 2017 9:54 am Published by

For this month’s “Inspiring Women” column I reached out to Susan Denk, owner of White Crane Construction, because I’ve known her in many capacities over the years and have always been impressed by her leadership abilities. We are both WPO Chapter Chairs and have been clients of each other as well – Susan is a joy to work with and a true professional. I was honored to share her sobriety story in Minnesota Business Magazine.

“Susan Denk shows up as a conscious and tenacious leader. She is direct and thoughtful, and can be tough when the tension is high while still remaining curious and willing to listen. Beyond the workplace, Susan shares her tenacity in the extensive service work she does through the YWCA Minneapolis and as the current Board Chair of the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, as well as in maintaining her sobriety. Courageously, Susan shares a portion of her path through addiction to recovery to illustrate how education and compassion can lessen the stigma associated with addiction and support others in finding help as well.”

Read Susan’s full story here