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Whether you’ve attended a RESULTS GUARANTEED workshop, taken the online course, or simply taken our Communication Assessment, the RESULTS GUARANTEED workbook will give you all the tools you need to communicate with ease.

NOTE: This is a One-Time Download 

Learn simple, practical, effective solutions to recurring communication problems. Our workbooks will help you:

  • Solve issues quickly, once and for all
  • Quickly recognize another person’s Style in every day situations
  • Identify what motivates and inspires people
  • Use key phrases and words to improve results with anyone
  • Learn what to avoid to eliminate misunderstandings and conflict 

“It was definitely a ‘light bulb-going-on-above-my-head’ experience.”  -Angela Ryan, Comsys

“Sue Hawkes was outstanding! Being in the Analytical Quadrant myself, these training sessions are not my favorite thing to do, but I would go again in an instant now. Thanks again.”  –Mike Jacobson, IWCO Direct